Grad Requirements for 2019 and beyond
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Graduation requirements for 2019 and beyond

Graduation requirements for 2019 and beyond

Students in the graduating class of 2019 and beyond will now have more flexibility to choose courses that interest them and match their postsecondary plans. We are creating more opportunity for students to express themselves as individuals.

  • 4 year-long credits in language arts
  • 3.5 year-long credits in social studies, including:
    • U.S. history
    • Geography
    • World history
    • Government and citizenship
    • Economics
  • 3 year-long credits in mathematics, including (at minimum)
    • 1 year-long credit in geometry
    • 1 year-long credit in algebra II or statistics and probability
  • 3 year-long credits of science, including (at minimum)
    • 1 year-long Physical Science
    • 1 year-long Biology
    • 1 year-long Chemistry or Physics
  • 1 year-long credit in the arts
  • .5 year-long credits in physical education
  • .5 year-long credits in health
  •  6 year-long elective credits

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State of Minnesota Mandated Testing Requirement

  • To earn a diploma from MPS, students must complete assessments in writing, reading, and mathematics. Different routes for meeting this requirement exist, depending on the year students were first enrolled in eighth grade.
  • Additional information regarding state of Minnesota mandated testing requirements can be found on the Minnesota Department of Education's website.