Grad Requirements 2015 through 2018
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Graduation Requirements for 2015-2018

Graduation Requirements for 2015-2018

Stay the course! We are not changing the requirements for current high school students because so many have already mapped out the path to graduation.

  • 4 year-long credits in language arts
  • 4 year-long credits in social studies, including (at minimum):
    • 3.5 year-long credits in:
      • U.S. history
      • Geography
      • World history
      • Government and citizenship
    • .5 credits in economics
  • 3 year-long credits in mathematics, including (at minimum)
    • Geometry
    • Either algebra II or statistics and probability
  • 3 year-long credits in science, including (at minimum)
    • A semester each of biology 1 and biology 2
    • Chemistry
    • A semester each of physics 1 and physics 2
  • 1 year-long credit in the arts
  • 1 year-long credit in physical education
  • 1 year-long credit in health
  • 4.5 year-long elective credits

My Life Plan - Completion of MLP Milestones, grades 9-12

 State of Minnesota Mandated Testing Requirement

  • To earn a diploma from MPS, students must complete assessments in writing, reading and mathematics. Different routes for meeting this requirement exist, depending on the year students were first enrolled in eighth grade.
  • Additional information regarding state of Minnesota mandated testing requirements can be found on the Minnesota Department of Education's website.

Partial Credit Memo

  • Learn about the process of earning partial credit during the 2014-15 school year.