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MPS Counseling Website
MPS Counseling Website

Welcome to the MPS Counseling Website!  On this website you will find information about MPS Licensed School Counselors and resources to help you successfully navigate the K-12 educational system as well as the potential post-secondary and career paths available to our students.

MPS Counseling Vision

Comprehensive and developmental school counseling programs enable every student to reach their personal goals and to be college and career ready.

MPS Counseling Mission

Minneapolis Public School Counselors help schools achieve their missions and to empower all students to reach their academic, career and personal/social aspirations.


Take a look at the video below to find out more about what a school counselor does!

Please contact Jim Bierma if you have any questions.

Concerns about 13 Reasons Why

One common concern in our community is the recently released Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why,” You may have seen commentaries on the series in the press. It’s important for our community to be aware of films, social media, apps and other technology that may have an impact on our kids. It’s important to recognize this has been a concern in our city, and we want you to be aware. By clicking the link, you will find links to important information on stress management, warning signs for teen’s mental health concerns and talking points about the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” 

MPS School Counseling Standards

Standards are identified as focal points by grade from the American School Counselor Association Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success Standards (2014) . Schools may tailor their focus standards to their own building needs. 

Request to Speak to Counselors

If you would like to speak at a district counselor meeting, please fill out the Request Form